Mould Manufacture

Engineering and precision workmanship at its best

Injection moulds for surface and/or lightweight-focused applications using

• Thermoplastics injection moulding (TIM)
• Reaction injection moulding (RIM) 
• Thermoplastic reaction injection moulding (T-RIM)
• Combination moulds for multi-component injection requirements
• Integrated equipment, automation, measurement and control systems for forming, trimming, welding, etc.

Schöfer excels in the design and manufacture of complex plastic-moulds of all forms and sizes and particularly in the production of highly specialized components that are used in the automotive, electronics and other demanding areas.

The company unites engineering competence, a large and fully equipped machine park and an experienced staff of highly trained

personnel that provide a level of workmanship and machining precision rarely found elsewhere. Experience, close contact with customers, permanent operational feedback and our focus on innovation allow us to continually improve the quality of supplied moulds, injection techniques and product excellence. From the original idea to mould engineering up to series production, Schöfer is your partner of choice.