About Us

A long tradition of quality workmanship

Founded in the year 1990 in the Upper Austrian community of Schwertberg, Schöfer continues to expand its capability and competence in implementing plastics solutions. Today, the company, is a producer of highly specialized plastic components with vast experience and know-how in mould manufacture. Meeting tomorrows demands requires todays R&D. Dedication to continuous excellence is a watchword of the company. 

Schöfer has at its disposal a state-of-the-art machine park. Permanent investments in the latest equipment and technology underline the company’s leading position in this challenging industrial segment. 

A key strength of Schöfer is its ability to develop individual solutions for the most complex applications. The knowledge and experience acquired from the implementation of hundreds of challenging projects during the past is applied to find the most efficient and

cost-optimized solutions for our customers. Being innovative results in creative moulding solutions that push the limits of what is possible.

Situated in Austria in Central Europe, Schöfer is located near its main partners that include numerous long-term customers in addition to dozens of business relationships with other firms. Project activities with several companies even date back to the founding of Schöfer. We therefore fully understand the market needs, and we are proud that customers who come to us, stay with us. 

Fast and flexible response is assured by a dedicated employee team, and our full support is available to help our partners meet their business targets. We are at your disposal whenever you need us. And we take the time that is needed to ensure a successful project outcome.

United we excel

A highly trained staff of more than 150 people work closely together in a familiar team environment. A free and open exchange of acquired know-how and experience continually improves the level of competence of the entire company. This is complemented by regular training of all employees and apprentices to ensure a

continuously high standard of company excellence. The combination of the experience of older personnel with the innovative approach of younger employees fuels the development and implementation of new solutions that lead to decisive benefits for our customers.