Family Profile

On a continuous growth course from the start

Schöfer is a family-owned and family-led company where employees are treated as family members. Originally founded by Helmut Schöfer and his wife Maria in 1990, company management now lies with his son Gerald Schöfer and his wife Gabriele.

Schöfer is proud of its tradition of continuity, reliability, innovative solutions and far-sighted company management. Satisfied customers have the highest priority, and this is underlined by the many long-term business relationships that Schöfer has with its

partners – several of which extend back to the founding of the company. Schöfer is located in Austria in the heart of Europe. The company is not focused on the global market, but concentrates its capabilities and activities toward serving the Central European automobile manufacturing industry and other specialized business segments. Up to date and at the forefront of development, Schöfer continues to pioneer solutions for its customers in the field of plastics production.